Essential Gourmet Cooking Tips For Everyday Cooking

If you are into cooking, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your style or just be able to do things in the kitchen more efficiently. These gourmet cooking tips are practical but they may also come in handy when you are preparing for a fancy meal.

Gourmet cooking tips on eggs:

For quick egg whipping, add a teaspoon of cold water to the egg white. This will not only make the egg whip quickly but will also increase its quantity. When making hard-boiled eggs, add a little salt to the water so that the egg shells will not crack. Eggs can help make a golden pie crust. Simply brush the pie crust with some beaten egg white before baking. How can you tell if an egg is fresh? Immerse the egg in a small pan of cool and salted water. A fresh egg will sink.

Gourmet cooking tips on dairy:

Keep cottage cheese fresh longer by storing it upside down in the fridge. Doing this slows down oxidation. To extend the life of milk past the expiration date, add a pinch of salt per gallon. Salt effectively slows down bacterial growth.

Gourmet cooking tips on fruits and vegetables:

If you have a vegetable or fruit garden, harvest your produce in the morning to get maximum flavors. Do not throw out carrot tops, broccoli or celery stalks and onion peelings. Wash them thoroughly and add to stock for extra flavor to sauces and soups.

Pecans and Brazil Nuts are tough nuts to crack so to make shelling easier, immerse them for 10 minutes in boiling water. Alternatively, soak them in a cup of water and place this in a microwave set on high. Leave it for 5 minutes.

Corn is naturally sweet and to bring out this taste in corn on the cobs, add one tablespoon of sugar to the water when boiling. Apple is not only good to our health but it can also be good for keeping cakes fresh. Put half an apple in the same container as the cake and the cake will stay fresh longer.

Gourmet cooking tips on barbeques

When grilling meat, avoid piercing the pieces with fork but instead always use tongs for turning meat. This way, the meat will not lose its juices. When marinating, remember that white meat takes less time to marinade than red meat. Marinade chicken, fish, shrimp, and vegetables for 3 to 4 hours in the refrigerator. Ideally, you want to marinade pork and beef overnight but if you do not have time, 6 hours of marinating will work fine.

The above are just a few of the secrets of professional cooks. Discover more gourmet cooking tips by browsing through cooking websites, magazines and books.

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